Award in Appreciation of Christian Malus Study Programme "Project Management and Organisation" 

In order to honour the achievements and the commitment of  Prof. (FH) Mag. Christian Malus, who died in 2011, and who acted as the programme director  of "Project Management and IT" and "Project Management and Organisation", the FH bfi Vienna has created the Award in Appreciation of Christian Malus Study Programme (CHRISTIAN MALUS WÜRDIGUNGSPREIS Studiengang "Project Management and Organisation").

This award is supposed to recognise outstanding diploma/master theses in the study programme "Project Management and Organisation".

The following amounts are allocated to the three best diploma theses:
first prize: €1000,- 
second: €600,-
third: €400,- 

Criteria for Submission:
All diploma theses can be submitted that have been finished on time and graded with an Austrian A grade ("Sehr Gut"). The theses can be submitted irrespective of the diploma exams.

Deadline for submission: 15 February

The prizes will be awarded by a jury on the basis of  independent expert opinions.

Award criteria: 

  • 40% innovative contents, originality of solution
  • 30% methodical approach, critical reflection of the literature
  • 30% clear demonstration of scientific relevance or practice relevance

A diploma thesis will only be accepted if the criteria above are met.

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