As a student of the FH BFI Vienna you can participate in a double degree programme and thus increase your international professional opportunities.

In a double degree programme you complete part of studies at the partner unversity or partner universities of your choice and thus obtain -- which takes only slightly longer than an ordinary degree -- two degrees:

  • your national degree and
  • a degree from the partner university 

Accreditation of your studies done abroad is contractually agreed and guaranteed.

For Double Degree applicants the deadlines are 1 April and 1 October.

The following double degrees are offered:

Banking and Finance (Bachelor), Double Degree:

European Economy and Business Management (Master), Double Degree:

Film-, TV- and Mediaproduction (Bachelor), Double Degree:

 International Banking and Finance (Master), Double Degree:

Logistics and Transport Management (Bachelor), Double Degree:

Project Management and Information Technology (Bachelor), Double Degree:

Quantitative Asset and Riskmanagement (Master), Double Degree:

Strategic HR Management in Europe (Master), Double Degree:

For applying online: Mobility Online