Insurance Products

• Fundamentals of life insurance mathematics: o Calculation of annuities with given interest o Construction, application, and contents of a mortality table o Making use of a commutation values for determining premiums of endowment and death insurance products • Fundamentals of non-life insurance mathematics: o Applying the concept of loss triangles o Various examples of calculations with varying distributional assumptions of occurrence and amount of damage • Delineating the services of private insurance companies from Austrian social insurance: o Working out the scope of services offered by various private insurance providers in various categories, e.g. endowment and death insurance, fire insurance, business interruption insurance. o Especially in personal insurance: Delineating services by private insurance companies from those of Austrian social insurance

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Wirth (2018) Skriptum zur Versicherungsmathematik [handouts on insurance mathematics, in German] Background reading: Isenbart/Münzner (1994) Lebensversicherungsmathematik für Praxis und Studium, Springer, 3rd edition Mack (2002) Schadensversicherungsmathematik, VVW, 2 Auflage Ennsfellner/Gassner-Möstl (2000) Versicherungsprodukte in Österreich, Linde, 1st edition

Lern- und Lehrmethode

Lecture (on the fundamentals of life/non-life insurance mathematics; working out mathematical problems) Students‘ research and presentations on the scope of services offered by Austrian private insurance companies; discussion


Continuous assessment and module exam (based on set questions)

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Banking and Finance (English)

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After successful completion of the course, students can • use the fundamentals of non-life insurance mathematics • calculate the premiums of simple endowment and death insurance products • present the theoretical fundamentals of non-life insurance mathematics • explain the theoretical fundamentals of various insurance products • compare the offers by various private insurance companies, and identify their advantages and disadvantages • delineate the services of private insurance companies and of Austrian social insurance from each other in various product categories

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