Business and Management Foundations in a European Context

Topics of the course include the history of European integration and current challenges of European integration, the structure and functions of EU institutions, the functioning of the European Single Market, European social policy with a particular focus on the European Social Dialogue, as well as a brief introduction into European (Union) Law based on the example of European labour law provisions. In regards to all these topics, the course emphasizes direct and indirect connections to HRM. The business and management focus is on the strategic analysis of the macro environment, the influence of institutions, and its implications on the competitive environment of organizations in Europe. On the organizational level, value creating activities and their implications for organizational performance will be discussed.

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Lecture: presentation of theoretical and practical contents by the lecturer.


Lecture: Your evaluation is based on the final written exam.

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no prerequisites: first semester



Strategic HR Management in Europe (Master)

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Lernergebnisse der Lehrveranstaltung

Upon completion of the course, students are able to demonstrate a solid knowledge of the historical-cultural, economic and institutional context within which HR Managers in Europe operate. They have also gained first insights into the logic of European (Union) Law and its impact on HRM. Consequently, they are able to deal with the inter-European framework that is diverse in some aspects and converging in others. Regarding the business and management context, students are equipped to evaluate the European macro environment and the relevant competitive environment. Furthermore, they understand the activities which comprise an organization´s value chain and identify the HR role in this context.

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