The quality management system of the FH BFI Vienna has a cultural and a structural dimension:

  • our common values and expectations concerning quality ("quality culture") and
  • our agreed instruments, procedures of the internal quality assurance ("QM-Handbook").


In our understanding, there is no objective / absolute measure of a high quality culture. It is always referred to a certain level of development of an organization at a certain time. As our FH undergoes continuous development, we also want to develop our quality culture on a regular basis.

Our QM-Handbook does not only describe the evaluation measures at our FH, but also follows a comprehensive understanding of internal quality assurance. It further comprises the aspects of operational and organizational structures, a document control, an indicator-supported reporting system and the measures for a continuous quality improvement.

This leads to an interaction: The formalized components of the handbook make a contribution to the development of a quality culture (for instance through quality circles or the reporting system) and due to the development of a quality culture the QM-Handbook receives increased acceptance.